Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon, Green

BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon, Green
$ 18.49
BabyBjorn Plate & Spoon Set
BabyBjorn Plate & Spoon Set comes with one plate and two spoons. The plate has three-leaf clover shape with a matching spoon, which makes it easy for baby to scoop food with the spoon. Its rubber base enables the plate to rest steady on the table. Spoon's shape has been designed so that babies don't have difficulty picking up food from the plate. Babies can find it easy to hold the convenient rubber handles. This set comes in 6 different colors like pink, green,

Product Features

  • Easy for child to feed themselves
  • Spoon is tailored to the shape of plate
  • Spoon can be used with left or right hand
  • Dishwasher-safe and can be heated in the microwave to a maximum of 90°C/194°F

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